Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That's Who I Am #2

Good Morning, Blog World! It's been about a month since my first "That's Who I Am" post, and I think it's about time for another one, given all of the new eyes on my blog!

"Who I Am" posts allow me to share a little bit about myself with you (peel back a layer of the onion if you will... Shrek anyone?), and often help me to remember a little piece of myself that gets lost in the midst of the work week.

Here we go...

#1: I'm a fledgling West Virginia fan courtesy of my better half.

#2: I am a dancing fool. No joke. I danced when I was younger, and like to relive the glory days.. every chance I get.

#3: I'm one of those people who does not value their eyesight and obsessively reads via the Kindle iPhone app.

#4: Cape Cod is my favorite place. Hands down. We go every summer, and I can't get enough!

#5: I'm a sucker for theme parties... or theme bar crawls! (Miss you LA)

#6: I was blessed enough to be in my best friend's wedding last summer. She was a beautiful bride!

#7: Mimosas are my absolute favorite.

#8: I have a tattoo on my right ankle of the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer symbol. (Also featured in Think Pink).

So there you have it - eight more things that you now know about me, SJ, aka the brains behind The Pitts! Anything else you'd like to know? Something you're dying to say? Comment away!


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