Sunday, November 11, 2012

Myth Busters: Productive Sundays

Aliens. Yettis. Big Foot. Loch Ness (or Nessy). People have dedicated copious amounts of time and resources to finding out if these creatures are real or simply myths. Legends of old. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I've decided to explore a myth of my own - the myth of Productive Sundays. Do they exist? Who are these people that wake up with endless motivation on what is known universally as a day of rest? These are questions I ponder every Saturday, when I make up my mind to put off everything I swore I would get done that day. It's a dangerous, dangerous game I play every weekend, and most often it's my refrigerator, laundry and apartment that suffer from the inevitable Sunday sleepies I come down with.

So, of course, this weekend I spent all of my Saturday lunching, shopping, and enjoying a few choice libations with the girls (see Eats and Treats for more details), and woke up this morning to a full plate. And what did I do? 

I busted the myth! I got breakfast, I cleaned, I grocery shopped, I lunched, and I even showered AND straightened my hair, all to the backdrop of the glorious sounds of football.

Oh, I myth-busted alright. As with working out, it turns out that getting your head in the right place is all it takes to kick it up a notch and accomplish something. As I sit here blogging away during half time of the Cowboys vs Eagles game, I am a proud, proud woman! My apartment is clean, I actually don't NEED to go get dinner on a Sunday, and I have nothing but time for the rest of the night. Feels great!

Not only did I check everything off of my to-do list, but I brainstormed a few additional tasks as well. What?? Thanks to a seriously convincing Martha Stewart Home commercial, I'm now contemplating how to spruce up my abode and organize my life away. Thanks Martha. Baby steps.

So. Pretty. Must. Do.

What did you do this Sunday?


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  1. These are the best kinds of weekends!! Glad it was a good one!