Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Man Up

My never-ending quest to perfect my apartment is entering a new phase that I have begun to affectionately call "Manning Up". While I love my baby blues and greens and pristine white furniture (kind of), it's time to move on. With the addition of a male to the abode in mere weeks, my apartment seriously needs to man up.

If you're thinking of beer pong tables, beer posters and a keg in the corner... well, to be honest, that's what I was thinking too. Panic attack ensued. Not my beautiful apartment! And then I woke up and realized I wasn't moving a fraternity into my one-bedroom. Thankfully.

No, redecorating wouldn't be a disaster - it would be an opportunity to change things up and maybe expand my comfort zone a bit!

And then I got excited. And then I shopped. Thanks for nothing Cyber Monday - love, Sarah's Wallet. I still have some things to do that we're going to do together to make sure that he's adequately represented in the space, but I definitely got a great jump-start.

My Manning-Up To-Dos:

1. Bedroom: The black furniture theme in my room was a good foundation for the revamp, especially given how it contrasts with the new colors I was adding. My old color scheme was baby blue, green and white, but now...

A rich garnet quilt to layer on top of my white duvet cover to create contrast.

Boom! Mustard! Love the combination with the garnet quilt, and will go great with my gray carpet and Euro shams.

Balances out the bright colors, and matches well with the dark furniture. Plus, it's just the best pillow I've ever seen.

2. Closet: Ok, cue the tears. Everyone... I need to clean out my closet. And I mean REALLY clean it out. I'm beside myself. Not like "Hey I'm going to give some stuff away today" cleaning out, like "I need to make room for someone else" cleaning out. What?! But I welcome the challenge. If any co-habitors have any suggestions for me on how to best accomplish this (other than get a place with bigger closets), I'd be eternally grateful!

3. Kitchen: HA, it is what it is. Moving on.

4. Living Room: Now this re-do required no twisting of the arm whatsoever. I've been dying to do it for awhile, and saving up just incase an occasion arose that would really push me over the edge. And here it is! Right now I have a white couch with light brown pillows and throws. Now I'm thinking...

Blue and brown rug to stand out against the beige carpet, and coincide with the accessories I already have.

Deeper, more masculine tone, but a beautiful compliment to the light blue rug.

Matching ottoman that opens up to reveal a secret storage space. Perfect to reduce clutter!

That's all I have for now! Well, not really, but that's all I'm planning on sharing until the renovations are done :) Don't forget - tips, how-to's and well wishes are more than welcome!


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  1. When my husband and I got married and finally moved in together, I was completely nervous about how the decor decisions were going to be made. So, I can completely understand how you feel. Thankfully, it turns out, my husband doesn't really care about those things, so I can still really decorate how I want to. So, I'm happy! :) Good luck on your transition!