Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday Night

As I have stated many a time on this blog - I am a non-Steelers fan living in the City of Black and Yellow. While I thought that being a Patriots fan would be the worst thing in the world here, I have found that it is actually quite tolerable... and that I have a tremendous amount of pity for those who associate themselves with the Cleveland Browns. Look out.

Looks goooood on ya!

That being said, I refuse to be a curmudgeon who sits at home while the city eats, drinks, and is merry when the Steelers are in town. I love a good tailgate too, everyone! That is why I have accepted an invite to tailgate and attend the Steelers game this Monday night when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs for Monday Night Football.

Let me break this down for you...

Rationale: First of all, this is a work event. Need I say more, really? A partner has decided to host a large tailgate (complete with a "spread", or so I hear) for several coworkers, and is giving us all tickets to attend the game after the "VIP" shindig. I may not love the Steelers, but I love tailgating, football, and gifts, so I certainly wasn't going to turn this down. I'm also enjoying the complete and utter jealousy felt by PG - not going to lie about that. And finally, how could I ever really become an authority on The Pitts if I never went to a game at Heinz Field? Credibility down, way down. I'm doing this for my readers!... Sort of.

Dilemma: Ok, it's time for a reality check here. What do I wear? As much as I am looking forward to attending the game, I'm not exactly planning on cheering my ever-loving head off for the Steelers. Not to mention the fact that Patriots Nation would burn my membership card (and possibly me in effegy) if I was ever caught wearing Steelers gear in public. That's a no-no. But I need to play nice, so I'm trying to go neutral here.

I'm thinking yellow scarf, black jacket. Done.

Since I cannot tell a lie, I must say that I am becoming increasingly excited for Monday Night! No, Yinzers, it's not because I am only days away from seeing the (THE) Pittsburgh Steelers on the field. Rather, it's because I truly love the game of football... and a good spread.

Stay tuned for details!


Side Note: For the record, initial spelling of "curmudgeon" was truly heinous.

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