Monday, November 26, 2012

Feast Your Eyes

Come on, everyone. It's still near enough to Thanksgiving to utilize a good Turkey Day pun. Per usual, a should-be-easy travel schedule turned into a 2:30 am nightmare, but c'est la vie! I had a wonderful weekend with my family, but am glad to be back in Pittsburgh. So much to do, so little time! Birthday celebrations, and graduations, and Christmas preparation, oh my!

Given that my mind is in a million places right now, accurately capturing my fabulous weekend in words just doesn't seem plausible. I would inevitably leave something (or someone... my little brother) out, and chaos would ensue. Following up on my account of Thanksgiving through the eyes of Twitter, I figured I would, once again, paint a picture of my various activities for the weekend without inanely babbling on - this time via a collection of seriously random photos!

Here we go...

Good morning SJ! Off to PIT for my 5:23 am flight!

I just love airports first thing in the morning... Sigh.

A welcome home gift from my mother. Mmm!

Thanksgiving table for four!

Kudos to Dad for the best turkey in recent memory... or ever

Oh yes, yes I did. #ISurvivedWalmart2012

If you don't know what Farkle is, please look it up. In other news, I finally won a game. My family is vicious!

Lazy Saturday of College Football with my brother and pup!

I'm sorry, but is she not the cutest??

...And the last photo for the weekend... Bloody Marys. The perfect Thanksgiving Weekend treat!

And that's a wrap! Ok Nordstrom, now you can officially decorate for Christmas!


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  1. I literally shuddered when I saw the 3 am alarm! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! So excited to get to know you better. P.S. I emailed you!