Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That's Who I Am

The problem I often run into when reading a blog is as follows - I don't know who this blogger is. I know what they write about, I know what they're interested in, and I've even seen a few choice photos that they've posted along the way. While the occasional personal post grants the reader insight into the person's mind, those posts can also border on seeming like you're peaking into thoughts that you shouldn't be allowed to dig up on the internet. Yet, somewhere along the way you connect with the blogger, and the blogmance (new word) begins.

Well, today I would like to provide a brief snapshot into who I am. If you've been paying attention, you should have picked up on the following tid bits by now..
- I live in Pittsburgh... hello.
- I'm an experimental cook and baker
- I'm in the midst of a rather large adventure
- I'm determined to see, try and eat it all in this new city of mine
- I like to shop, but am not a fashionista in any way
- I'm a sports nut of the Boston/New England variety

While I'm not going to write lines upon lines detailing out my life story, along with my hopes, dreams and ambitions (maybe on a rainy day), I'm going to share a few things that you haven't learned quite yet.

I hate chocolate. I'd rather starve. No joke.

Will Ferrell is my favorite comedian of all time.

I cry at the end of this movie.. every single time.

My brother and I are almost 6 years apart, but have been confused for twins multiple times.

I would live in a teeshirt and jeans forever if I could.

Being a part of this sorority, and pledge class, changed my life. ZLAM.

My grandma ("Nanny") is my hero.
Insert shoutout to amazing brother and boyfriend here

If I can love like my parents love, my life will be complete.

That's it for now! Just a brief glimpse, but a glimpse nonetheless. Stay tuned for more snapshots to come!


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