Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween?

Ok, ok. I must admit that I do not love Halloween. While it was a fun excuse in high school and college to dress ridiculously, drink odd combinations (anything + apple cider), and run around high on life and candy, I have become a bit disillusioned with the holiday. Let's face it, people, post-grads are at a Halloween crossroads - we're too old to be slutty nurses, but too young to sit at home and hand out candy in our pajamas (maybe). Suddenly, Halloween has become a lot of work, and my non-creative self is still trying to work it out.

I was also in Oregon for "Halloween Weekend", but I digress. And Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so who gets to decide which is Halloween weekend? Again, I digress.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the holiday this year, my friend, and fellow blogger Samantha Curtis inspired me with her post today to reflect on the glory of Halloweens past.

Here are some of the recent highlights...

Halloween 2007 (Costume 1): Cowgirl

Halloween 2007 (Costume 2): Doublemint Twin - Double the Fun

Halloween 2008 (Costume 1): Greek Goddess

Halloween 2008 (Costume 2): Legends of the Hidden Temple - Team Blue Baracudas

Halloween 2009: Tribe Slap-A-Ho (I'm sorry... long story)

Halloween 2012: Water-logged Oregon Ducks fan

So there they are - memories of Halloweens past. Maybe they will get me re-energized in time for next year!

Happy Halloween!


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