Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Good Company

To set the record straight - yes, I'm currently on my third job in the two years that I've been out of school. Job hopper, you ask? Not quite.

My first venture into the real world was as a Media Trainee with the Rookie A affiliate of an MLB team. It was the perfect first job - when I wasn't working (which was only about four hours in a 24 hour period some days), I was being a crazy post-grad with my two fellow trainees and running amuck in the small, rural town we found ourselves calling home. Once the trainee period was over, I packed my bags and took off, destined for bigger and better things. Little did I know that "bigger and better" would be preceeded by three months of "waitressing and job hunting". Oh well, c'est la vie for a recent grad these days.

Next up? A one-and-a-half-year stint on the Media Team at an advertising agency in Cincinnati. Oh, so this is what the real world is like? Professional attire, meetings, shmoozing with sales reps, travel, important pitches and insane hours overtook my life, but it was exciting and I loved every second. Well, maybe not the seconds frequently spent in the office after midnight, but I worked my booty off, and made friends and professional connections that will stay with me for a long, long time.

Come the spring of '12, however, times they were a-changing, both personally and professionally, so when I got the opportunity here in The Pitts, I just couldn't say no.

Why am I writing about this today? Well, over the past few weeks I have really learned the value of working for a company that appreciates, and invests in you. Take yesterday, for example - At noon the entire Media Team shut off computers, threw on jeans, and headed to Dave & Busters for a little friendly (supposedly) competition. After mingling and preparing ourselves for battle with a hearty meal, we got down to business. We laughed, we jeered, we boo'd the winning team, and we had an all-around great day. Still relatively new to the company, it was great to be able to kick back with my coworkers, and to know that I work for a company that truly values the Team.

Here's a highlight... Enjoy, at my expense :)


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