Monday, October 8, 2012


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the cold weather is officially upon us. As this occurs unceremoniously every year, I have picked up on a few trends that rear their heads after the first frost:
  1. Boots are now worn with everything - I even see people wearing UGGs into work, who change into a different, more work-appropriate pair of boots once they are safely inside. This is fine by me.
  2. Legging become pants - I love a good pair of leggings, but, when at work, take care to cover the deriere please ladies.
  3. Some people just can't let go - I know you love the cute cotton dress you bought this year, but it's time to put it away.
  4. The gym empties - I don't know what it is about the cold weather, but something about it makes everyone's desire to work out just go away. Maybe it's because they know beach season is over, or maybe it's because they're mentally preparing for that New Year's resolution they're going to make (because THIS will finally be the year).
I'd like to dedicate today's blog post to the fourth, and most troubling of the nasty weather trends, as well as what I'm doing to combat it.

I'll be honest - I've fallen victim to it as well. Let's take today for example: The sky is completely grey, there's a chance of rain all day, and there is no way that the temperate will creep above 50 degrees. Now it's 5 o'clock, you're free from work, and you have a choice to make - do you go workout, or go home, turn the heat on, curl up under a blanket and find something good on TV? Come on, even writing that was painful for me. I know we've all been there.

So how am I keeping my butt from permanently molding to my couch over the next few months? I'm going to get ahead of the curve, and jumpstart my Fall workouts the same way I did my Summer workouts - with two-a-days.

Sounds drastic right? Not so. It will just take some variety to keep it going. Luckily, I've found some classes at my gym that I love, and, over lunch, I'll get my cardio or muscle toning in, depending on which class I'm taking that morning/evening. For example, I'm doing a Kettlebell-centered weight training class tonight, so, over lunch I ran and did the eliptical. Not only does this break up my day, but it helps me to fall into an easy-to-maintain routine that won't be ruined by the months of cold weather that lie ahead (tear). This should also prevent the inevitable drama that comes with wanting to wear a crazy New Year's dress when you feel like you'd just look better in a potato sack.

Dancing counts as one workout... right? Anyone?

Week 1 was great, now time to kick off Week 2!


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