Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates From The Pitts

Sorry all, I didn't win anything last night, so this post won't contain a witty rendition of a much over-played, but classic victory song (see last post). I will, however, be providing an update on all things Pitts today.

Highlights are as follows...

Ok, it's worth mentioning again - my team (Charcoal) won the PSL Kickball Championship last night. Well, we won the Monday Night Championship... on our half of the bracket. But still! Even in the rain and freezing temperatures we got it done and had a blast. As I've said in other posts, joining things has really helped me to get settled in Pittsburgh, and I highly recommend that recent relocators do the same.

What a crew

I've recently added some awesome fitness classes to my schedule that have helped me not only to get my "but it's winter"-butt into gear, but to spend a little extra time (and have a few laughs) with my coworkers. I'm lucky enough to work for a company that emphasizes maintaining good fitness and nutrition habits, and has an awesome roster of fitness classes at the gym! My new favorite: Total Body Drum Beat. I couldn't possibly adequately describe it here, but just imagine a bunch of girls jumping around beating the crap out of fitness balls with drum sticks and you've pretty much got the jist.

These kids have the right idea

I now have four ways to get to and from work. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. My commute to work lives and dies on 376, which, you should know, is not always a safe bet. Take last week for example, twice my 25-minute commute took me over 90 minutes... What?! So now, not only do I have three different ways to get on 376 depending on morning traffic, but I also have one way that takes me parallel to 376 should it be a total disaster. Great success!

Football has proven to be more of a catalyst to my social activity on the weekends than initially anticipated. The last few weekends have found me out and about for NCAA Football on Saturdays, and recovering with a select group on Sundays for NFL. While I've been exposed to teams that I wouldn't necessarily watch on my own accord (The Browns..), I much prefer these gatherings to sitting on my couch desperately hoping my Fantasy Football week will end well.

The busy season is upon me! While I love The Pitts, I'll be bidding it adieu quite a few times over the next few months - and I can't wait for all that my trips have in store! First up - University of Oregon.

Work is good. Love is good. Stop being so nosey people! :)

That's all for now!


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