Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Antics

Happy Monday! What's happy about this Monday? I'm not too sure. But by being cheerful about it, maybe it will take the edge off a bit. This weekend, in particular, was a great one. Why, you ask? Because it was filled to the brim with the perfect combination of doing something, while doing nothing at all.

Friday night was Family Dinner night. Every couple of Fridays when the mood is just right, myself and three of the best people I know get together to cook dinner, have some wine, and generally have a great night. There is something to be said for staying in on a Friday with a few good friends enjoying each other's company. If things such as Kelly's Wine, spontaneous dancing and the playlist to end all playlists should ensue, then so be it. Regardless, I woke up with sore legs and a smile on Saturday morning.

How adorably Fall

Saturday morning was business as usual... or what business as usual aspires to be, but isn't usually. Rising early (a little too early for my taste), I had a bowl of cereal and, with some time left to kill before noon kickoffs, went for a run. What? I know, I know. Runs are always hypothetically baked into my weekends, but the reality typically leaves much to be desired on the workout front. So, good for me! Even better for me? Surprise mimosas courtesy of AC and DK. Fresh and delicious, mimosas are always a good way to jumpstart the day.

Go Blue and WVU!

I then headed off to South Hills to celebrate the belated birthday of a very special lady, and watch the WVU game with some true Mountaineer fans. A good time was had by all, and I actually drank three beers. Yes, three whole beers. Sadly, I partially consider my drinking of a few BLs to be a waste, as I didn't even collect the Fantasy Football codes. Sigh.

My Sundays are usually seriously devoted to R&R, and this one was no different. While I did venture out of my standard Sunday attire of yoga pants and a tee, and into some real-people clothes - well, jeans at least - the vast majority of my day was spent on the couch with friends watching football and snacking on anything and everything. Saturday's physical activity was completely erased by the smorgasbord of snacks we feasted on all day. I'll pay for it today, but it was wonderful at the time.

What's better than a Sunday nap?

The final non-activity activity of the weekend? Becoming fully obsessed with Weeds. I only watched four episodes, but I can easily see myself reaching Season 8 in the blink of an eye. OnDemand - look out!

All in all, a great weekend, and looking forward to the one coming up! Now about this whole "it's only Monday" thing...


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