Friday, September 7, 2012

Off I Go!

It's Friday, so, naturally the main thing on my mind is the weekend. Actually, that usually starts on Tuesday most weeks, but I digress. After a rousing weekend visiting PG, I'm in desperate need of a weekend of R&R as I prepare for a little thing I like to call "Homecoming Weekend"... yikes.

Unfortunately, I'm just not programmed to kick back and lay on the couch all day. No, by early afternoon (assuming it's a nice day) I am itching to get outside and do something, go somewhere, anything! Thus, in preparation for my weekend of rest - yes, you can prepare to rest - I have come up with a few things that I would like to do. All are in close proximity to my humble abode, just in case I get the overwhelming urge to nap or pop on a chick flick, but are enough of an adventure to make me feel accomplished and to give me my daily dose of activity.

Most importantly - all are things that can be done by myself. While I love a good outing with great friends - circa happy hour and dinner at Diamond Market last night - there is something about a solo adventure that is good for the soul. Sometimes you just need to be alone with your thoughts, really taking things in, and enjoying the quiet. Not to mention the vast majority of my friends are out of town this weekend, and my better half lives a state away, but I digress.

So here is my list so far for this weekend. In no way am I going to try to do them all, but it gives my weekend brain options to choose from.

1. Andy Warhol Museum: Located only a few blocks from my apartment, I have heard rave reviews about this museum, and the space itself. It has been known to host quite the function, so I'm interested to scope it out, along with the killer Warhol artwork on display - especially the Factory Direct Exhibit featuring the contemporary pieces of artists doing residencies in Pittsburgh factories. After doing a little pre-research, I'm also seriously tempted to buy tickets for the Naughty-or-Nice Holiday Bash. Drag queens to celebrate the holidays? I'm in!

2. Kayak Pittsburgh: What better way to take in the sites and sounds of Pittsburgh than from the river? They offer kayaks from Millvale (where?) and from under the 6th Street Bridge (aha!), so take your pick! With a solo kayak, and a mean desire to make the trip count as my workout for the day, I'm thinking this will be the winner for a nice Saturday. Also, if you wear Pitt gear on the day of a home football game, you get half off the first hour of your rental. I don't own any, nor am I allowed to.. but just an FYI for you Pitt fans out there.

3. Yoga: No R&R weekend is complete without a yoga class. While I am far awar from being a Yogi, nothing helps me center myself more than an hour of silence and sweating. Not to mention, it's a killer workout. There are several options around me, with SchoolHouse Yoga in the Strip and Shadyside, BYS Yoga in the South Side, and Amazing Yoga in both Shadyside and South Side, just to name a few. All have great new student specials, too, for those on a budget! I will most certainly be Power Vinyasa'ing this weekend!

4. Complete Misc: I am not one to make a million stops on my way home from work in order to make sure that my list of things to do is small heading into Friday. Seriously? Try making a pit stop somewhere along 376 at rush hour until about.. eh.. 5:45, and let me know how long it takes YOU to get home. Just not worth it. Plus, I sort of enjoy having things to do over the weekend, and no timeframe whatsoever in which I need to accomplish them. Take laundry, for example. Instead of rushing to get it done so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour, I can time it up with what movies are on TV, or when I feel like going out for the day. Deadline for all chores, errands, misc: Happy Hour. But I can work with that.

Have a great weekend, and make sure to take some time to do something for you!


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