Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling For Fall

Well, folks, it's here - Fall. While some are moaning and groaning over the sudden change in seasons that took place this weekend, I am welcoming it with open arms. I would say "there's something I love about fall", but there are a million things that I love about fall! The clothes, boots, apple cider, changing of the leaves, pumpkin patches, football, and more - the list goes on and on.

This Fall is particularly exciting because it is my first in The Pitts. While I will, for the most part, have to grin-and-bear Steelers Mania (Pats are 1-0.. just saying), there are endless other opportunities that I look forward to enjoying! Plus, it's fun living in a football town, even if you're not a fan of the home team. I'll give Pittsburgh this much - they do Football Sundays right.

So, other than holing up in my apartment to root like hell for the Patriots, I have lots and lots of Fall-oriented exploring to do. And what's the best way to go about adventure-ing? List making! I've come up with a few categories that I would like to cover, as well as a few researched (not-tested) options, and hopefully this will help to get the ball rolling.

1. Best Football Bars: Not to be confused with best Steelers Bars. I want a place where I can go, have a beer, and just watch some football.
2. Best Farmers' Markets: There are few things more enticing on a cool fall day then strolling around a Farmer's Market and getting a taste of the local flavor.
3. Best Apple Farms: Who doesn't love a hay ride and some apple cider in the fall??
  • Simmons Farm: Pick your own everything (apples, pumpkins, flowers) + hay ride.. I'm in.
  • Soergel Orchards: No idea how to pronounce the name, but they sold me with their pictures of apple cider and donuts (what diet?).
  • Trax Farms: For $8 you get a 25 minute tour of the farm, apple cider, a donut and a 3-5 lb pumpkin. Seriously?? See you there!

Yep, that's happening.
Photo Courtesy of Soergel Orchards

4. Best Sporting Events: Ok, everyone will have their biases, but the tailgate definitely factors in here!
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Already been - and loved it - but as the playoffs near I think the atmosphere will be incredible as the Buccos try to claw their way in.
  • WVU Mountaineers: Plans are in the works to get down to a game, but also interested to find a few WVU hot spots around here to get a feel for these fans.
  • Miami RedHawks: Had to put it on here - can't wait for a little Homecoming tailgating in a few weeks!
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Sigh. No, I have no plans to go to a game, but I wouldn't be opposed to some pre-game festivities based on what I've seen thus far.
5. Best Wine Tastings: I love a good glass of wine, and am ready to check out what Pittsburgh has to offer.
So that's where I am right now! Judging by this weekend's results, my lists don't always pan out the way I plan, but I'll take a little spontaneity any day! Thanks for the memories Belvedere's.



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    1. Thanks for following! Adding your button because it's too cute. Feel free to grab one of mine as well!

  2. Since when do you drink beer? Can't wait for Miami Homecoming :) See you soon! xoxox

  3. Clearly I'm obsessed with you today lol just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! You can read all about it here :)

    Keep it up!!