Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Dolled Up

If you have read any of my posts, you've gotten the hint that I like to shop. No, I'm not in debt to a million stores and, no, I don't pull in six figures a year - my shopping occurs in well-spaced, necessity-based intervals (at least I think so). Like everyone, I have things that I will and won't spend money on. I'll gladly buy an outfit just because it would be perfect for an occasion, but it better go with a pair of shoes that I already have. Clothes are my thing. Shoes are not. The same could be said for makeup. I'll scrape the last bits of foundation out of the bottle rather than buy a new one, but I have three different kinds of eyeliner on-hand at all times. Oh, what a complex world we girls live in.

So, in keeping with my "well-spaced, necessity-based" shopping model, yesterday was makeup day. My buying habits in this particular category are ever-evolving, and every shopping trip I seem to buy something different. I've tried MAC to Sephora, Chanel to Wet 'n Wild (don't judge), and everything in between.

Thoughts? I kid.

Where did I settle this time? Well, let's get some background here. This time of year (and life) is particularly hard on my skin.

- Early work mornings are bad for under-eye circles (as are fun, late nights)
- Not tan, but not pale
- Skin is still reeling from all of this summer's sun exposure (and a few solid sunburns)
- Working out every day leaves me feeling great, but my skin feeling blah

So, in total, I needed something to even, brighten and give me a spot of color, while not drying out or oiling up my skin. And here is what I landed on...

Clearly Garnier and Maybelline were the big winners of my shopping trip. Not ridiculously priced, and perfect for my beauty needs.

How am I liking my purchases? Try loving. The BB Cream seemed to even my skin tone in one application, and the Liquid Mouse is light enough to leave my skin looking natural, but polished. My old blush was too dark, but this light shade of Fit Me is just what I need to score an extra hint of color without leaving me looking embarassed. Define-A-Line gives the perfect line, while the smoothing tip easily erases any miscues, and the Falsies.. well, va-va-voom.

All-in-all, a great haul, and with some lovely discounts I shelled out less than $50. Now this stuff better last me...


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