Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vote, Vote, Vote {#MLB13Cutch}

As my first truly great act of Pittsburgh-ness since moving here a mere nine months ago, I am doing this - writing a post with the sole hope of encouraging people to vote for the Pittsburgh Pirate's own Andrew McCutchen to be on the cover of MLB 13 The Show.

He is currently in first place (whoopwhoop), leading Matt Kemp (LA), CC Sabathia (NYY), Bryce Harper (NAT), Buster Posey (SF), Ryan Braun (MIL), and Miguel Cabrera (DET).

I'll keep this short and sweet. Here are five reasons you should vote for him:

  1. The hair. Done and done.
  2. Despite all of the ups and downs (lots of downs) that playing in Pittsburgh has brought over the past oh, I don't know, 20 years, McCutchen truly loves playing in this city, and is loyal to his fans.
  3. He's one of the most engaged professional athletes on social media that I have ever encountered, and is even hosting Fan Appreciation Days today and tomorrow for those who have been voting for him. (Check him out at @TheCUTCH22)
  4. Ever been to a Pirates game? He is a blast to watch. A total game changer, and adds an energy to the lineup that is absolutely contageous.
  5. I love the number 22. Just do.
So there are my five reasons. But what are you still doing here? Go to to vote for him NOW! Then head to Twitter, and vote again using the hashtag #MLB13Cutch.

Happy voting!


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