Friday, January 4, 2013

Newlywed Lessons Guest Post on Wifessionals

In my absence from blogging I absolutely neglected to share with you that I was a guest writer on Wifessionals as a part of the fabulous Kaitlyn's Newlywed Lessons series!

Though I'm not married, let's be real, a lot of the daily struggles of a cohabitating couple are absolutely relatable to the newlyweds of the world. So, Kaitlyn graciously invited me to contribute a post about lessons I have learned thus far.

Funny story - I haven't learned anything.

Only kidding! 

And I was pleased to see that her readers not only enjoyed the post, but totally felt my pain {and joy} over "manning up" a once-feminine apartment.

A newlywed? Living with your significant other? Head over to Wifessionals for the latest tips, to-dos, and definitely-don'ts expertly crafted by Kaitlyn, myself, and a handful of other contributors!


Here, I'll make it easy. Click the button above!



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