Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Nice Little Weekend

Given that it's Wednesday, this post is way overdue. But with an insane work week in progress, I have had little time to do anything other than work, and dream about work.

This weekend, however, was so fabulous that I just had to carve out a space on my blog to talk about it. Why so fabulous, you ask?

1. Weather
It was in the 60's (yes, 60's) all weekend, and I was in utter shock. While I'm fairly certain that the mild weekend weather has made today's snowy miserableness even worse, it was absolutely worth it to ditch the winter jacket for a few days and spend some time outside. We had the windows open. We drove with the windows down. We spent hours in the mild glory. Now, in July we'll get a freak weekend where 60-degree weather will feel sweatshirt-worthy, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

2. Outdoor Activities
See #1. If you had weather anywhere near what we had in The Pitts and you shacked up inside all weekend, then shame on you! From the minute we saw the mild weather make its way onto the 10-day forecast, we were planning endless activities that we could do in order to take full advantage of our good fortune. What did we settle on?

The Strip District

There is no better place to go when you just want to be outside in Pittsburgh than the Strip District. Honestly. If you're hungry, in the mood to people watch, shopping, or just craving a good walk, this is the place to go. We snagged a few sandwiches at a Pittsburgh-tastic deli (see Eats and Treats for a new addition coming soon), and then spent a few hours (yes, hours) weaving in and out of the plethora of stores along the main drag. And we weren't the only ones. People were out in hoards (great word) to pretend it was Spring along with us. We saw everything from summer dresses to jorts to parkas, ate lots, and spent a little too much money - it was a great day.

3. Football
Alright, cover your eyes Pittsburghers, because this could be mildly extremely painful for you...

With a decisive win over the Houston Texans Sunday night, my beloved New England Patriots have advanced to face the Baltimore Ravens (booo) this Sunday in the AFC Conference Championship.

OK, so let me plead my case to the people of The Pitts here: I understand that the Steelers didn't make the playoffs. I understand that they lost to the Bengals to seal their fate. And I understand that you dislike Tom Brady (or Tim, as PG calls him) and the Pats... but come on, you know you hate the Ravens. It's the lesser of two evils here, people. Anywho, needless to say this completed a fabulous weekend, and PG even pretended to be happy as well. Weekend made. Bring it on, Baltimore!

Hope you all are having wonderful hump days!



  1. as a fellow pittsburgher, i enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather too! (and i'll just disregard your patriots love haha :))

    1. Wasn't it fabulous?? Sigh. and thank you haha! :)

  2. Great weekend! I wish the weather would be a bit warmer here.

  3. Well it is 18 degrees here now, so we weren't too spoiled!