Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big, Big Day. Huge.

No, the world isn't ending. And no, I didn't just spot (and subsequently start dating) Channing Tatum while he films his movie here in The Pitts.

But it's still a big day.

It's bedroom renovation day! I actually took my own advice that I offered up in Man Up, and, after doing some serious Cyber Monday shopping, I have a complete new look for the bedroom. After tearing into the box last night I am absolutely in love with every single item I purchased, and I am so excited to make the switch tonight! Though I'm not looking forward to ironing everything... I'm a wrinkle freak, leave me alone.

Of course, the bedroom renovation would not be complete without the wrapping-up of my massive closet clean out, which I actually managed to finish last night while watching Glee and Monday Night Football (I'm a complicated lady) - obviously I took an enormous deep breath after completing that bad boy. Funny story: I actually woke up facing my closet, and didn't know where I was for a second. I did THAT well.

Well, you can be the judge of that.

There are definitely still things I need to do, such as find new things for the walls, but I figure if it is going to really be a representation of my roommate and I, we should probably work on those things together!

Aren't I thoughtful? (And humble..)

Want pictures? Stay tuned! I'll be posting them later tonight.

Once I'm done ironing. Sigh.

Talk to you in a few hours!


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