Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's the Ugliest Time of the Year

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again - time to get UGLY! And no, I am not referring to the startling statistic that the average American gains 15 pounds* over the Holidays. For shame!

*100% myth, people! The average person gains 1-2 pounds according to this article by CNN. But still.

No, no, I am referring to Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties. My absolute favorite. Why, you ask? Because this is legitimately the ONE theme party in existence (that I would actually attend, I mean), where it is 100% normal to where jeans, boots, and a massively over-sized, heinous sweater. Does it get more comfortable than that? I think not.

Having just received an invite to the first UCSP (ok, I abbrev'd) of the season, I've got ugly on the brain, and am obviously feeling the time crunch here. Where, oh where can I turn for inspiration?

Oh - probably pictures from the last five years of ugly sweater parties that I have attended.

Cue inspiration!

First one. Still living in the dorms. Homemade. Magic!

Yes, I had bangs. No, I didn't like them.

Wasn't for a party, sadly. This is what happens on Spring Break in Breckenridge.

Sorry, PG, had too. Aren't we just adorable?? Yikes.

So that is my foundation for this Friday's outfit-planning. Mind you, this is not a complete picture of all of my Holiday-partying. I couldn't dig up a picture of the party my friends and I wore over-sized Christmas gift bags and leggings to, but it was 100% adorable, and I am not above repeating it this year!

Per usual, ideas are appreciated. I suggest that you help me out, or else I might end up wearing this...



  1. LOVE ugly sweater parties, i really do

  2. Whoop! Whoop! I think my fave are the homemade ones! Hotttttt! :)
    Remember elementary school when a Christmas sweatshirt and matching turtleneck were all your teachers wore the whole winter? {Maybe that was just my teachers?}