Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Musings of a Sick Girl

You know that terrible feeling of being sick, when your head is filled with fog and putting together a sentence just seems... difficult. Welcome to my life, at present. My typically-coherent mind is, instead, currently filled with random phrases and streams of words that usually mesh, but just aren't coming together at present. Sigh.

So, I decided that today, I wouldn't push myself. Wouldn't think too hard about this post - I do have to get some things accomplished at work today, after all.

Enjoy my stream of consciousness..

Why don't I feel well? So not a fan.

Instagram - really?! If you sell pictures of my precious puppy or semi-pathetic DIY crafts without my consent, I will destroy you.

How do I get a grumpy pet? If Grumpy Cat has taught me one thing, it's that sour-hearted pets can be especially lucrative.

No matter how little you've eaten in the past day or two, a large lunch at work is a horrific idea. Unless you are permitted a mid-work nap. In which case, where is this heaven that you work?

Why is the ice and water machine so far away?

Am I REALLY done with my Christmas shopping? If so, why do I keep adding things to virtual carts every two seconds?

I have the TV to myself tonight for a solid few hours. What do I watch first? Glee? Nashville? Cue confusion.

What are the odds that I can get PG to come 30 minutes home, make me dinner, rub my back, and listen to me cough and complain, then drive 30 minutes back out for guys night? Slim? Too soon to abuse the living situation? Ok, moving on.

Why do I morph into Grumpy Cat when I don't feel well? Smile, dangit!

Facebook - you addicting, addicting fiend, you.

What's on my to-do list?.... Nope, not doing any of that.


Alright, everyone. That's all I have today. Stay warm, and take lots of Vitamin C!


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  1. haha -- I love this post! But it's a bummer that you're sick -- hope you feel better soon!