Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big, Big Day. Huge. {Part 2}

I know, I know. I promised pictures ASAP in yesterday's post. But guess what? After ironing for about an hour, finishing organizing, and starting to pack, ASAP is right about... now! Sorry, sorry.

So without further ado...


...In-between (argg)...

... After!

Quilt and shams: Crate & Barrel
Yellow and Ampersand Throw Pillows: Crate & Barrel
White and Yellow/White Pattern Throw Pillows: Target
Grey Euro Shams and Matching Bed Sheet: IKEA
White Down Comforter: Mine!

While making the bed, I wondered aloud to myself if this will really make a huge difference in the room. I mean, it is what it is, right? Wrong. The deep, warm tones absolutely cozied-up the room, and it feels much more "full" than it did before. I'm mildly obsessed with the addition of the grey, and I was lucky enough to find sheets and shams in a tone that went well with my existing carpet. The reds and yellows also look about 1000x better against the black furniture than the light pastels did.

Long story short - this was long-overdue, and a huge success!

Full disclosure - the pictures of the closet will have to wait. After all of my prepping (not of the doomsday variety, though that show is hilarious) I was absolutely exhausted, so I plopped down on the couch to catch my favorites - Ben and Kate, New Girl and Mindy Project.

Thoughts on last night's episodes:
- Ben and Kate: No new episode?! I'm calling you out, Fox...
- New Girl: Funnier than usual. Glad that Sam is back, but if CeeCee and Schmidt don't get back together I'm going to freak out. Seriously.
- Mindy Project: NOOOOO! Hearts broke across America last night - I actually really enjoyed Josh and Mindy's chemistry, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the mini Office reunion.

And that was my night! Friends often ask if I'll miss the peace of coming home to an empty, quiet apartment every night, able to do as I please... and never once have I said yes.


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Happy Wednesday!


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  2. New follower here! :) I love your blog colors! And your bed looks AWESOME! Nice job!

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  4. I've been wanting to change up my bedding as well!! Love those colors! :)