Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Just Happened Thursday {v3}

I don't embarrass easily, I just don't. But this week's version of That Just Happened definitely brought a little extra red to my cheeks.

When I have single friends, I looove to try and set them up. No, I'm not obnoxious about it, but if I find a great guy, I'll definitely do my best (and then let them take it from there).

Cut to Tuesday.

I ventured out to dinner with a good girlfriend of mine to hear about her recent adventures in a far away land (from me) known as The World of Single Girls. Geared up to hear her latest gossip, I instead found myself in a very different situation in which she vented to me about being lonely, worries over never being able to find anyone, and so on. De-pressing.

In an effort to cheer her up (and make her laugh a little), I start going on and on about this great guy I know, how they'd be perfect together, and sharing some uhhh less than flattering details about one night during which he was absolutely slammed. We were laughing, she seemed interested, and the night took a turn for the better.

Until I hear some poorly held-in laughs coming from the table behind me. The kind of laugh where you are clearly laughing at someone or something in particular, but do not want to be heard. I looked around, and no one had fallen, no one was wearing anything they shouldn't be, and nothing embarrassing had happened during the basketball game that was being aired. Hmm.

I was confused until I stood up to visit the ladies room and realized that two of his friends were at the table behind me. The same friends who had been out was us during his infamous romp that I had just shared in great detail, and who had just heard me go on and on about their friend for, oh, about a half hour.

All they said - "Hey, she does look like his type." Cue laughter. Cue embarrassment.

Oh well, maybe one day at their wedding we can all look back on this and laugh!

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  1. Oh wow just stumbled across your page and wow at this post. I would've been feeling the same way... but like you said perhaps at their wedding it will be laughable.