Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Welcome to the Land of Yinzers

Before you dive in, let me clarify - I am not a beloved Pittsburgh Yinzer. Rather, I am a nomad who has (finally) decided to drop anchor in the lovely city of Pittsburgh. Why did I come here? I can offer a variety of reasons, all of which draw an endless stream of self-reflective questions - but, in the end, I'm looking for the basics - Love and Happiness.

This blog will help me to write it all down - to capture my journey through the land of Yinzers as I try to make my latest stop into a home. Having been here since April, here is a brief recap of what I have learned so far, and some remaining "WTFs" that I hope to (but may never) solve.

What I've Learned:
1. It is still cool to like the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?" in this city (YES!).
2. Yes, it WILL be as hard - if not worse - than I imagined to be a devoted New Englad Patriots fan in the Steel City.
3. Yinzers are real. Then again, I can hardly mock a city with a distinct dialect considering my resume (Bahstan, Illinoise, Missoura, Kaynsas).
4. Pittsburgh drivers are all claustrophobic. Or atleast I have determined they are by the way they all seem to be scared when getting ready to drive through the Fort Pitt Tunnel (the Speed Limit isn't 25, my friends).
5. So far I have not come across a restaurant I haven't liked, and, with the selection within five minutes of my North Shore apartment, I fear I may never experience them all!
6. While it's great to try something new, and move someplace at random to get an added dose of independence, it is also great to have a few good friends and a wonderful boyfriend on hand to help you navigate the process.

Things I Need to Figure Out:
1. The names of all the bridges in Pittsburgh and how exactly I get to each of them. For now, Ft. Duquesne and I will remain best buddies.
2. The traffic.. OH the traffic. While this is apparently unsolvable given my location, I thought I would throw it on here just for laughs.
3. The pronunciation of the Monogahela River. Personally, I like the "Mon" or "That One River".
4. How to navigate the Strip District. I fall more in love with it everytime I go, but I'm still getting my bearings in that neck of the woods.
5. A bike. Do I need one? Do I want one? Should it have a basket? All important questions I have discovered.

That is all for now! Back to work and life in this beautiful city.


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