Thursday, August 16, 2012

Duvets, Decor and DOH!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would just like to say to you - I DID IT! Not only did I actually begin my training to train on time yesterday, I also made leaps and bounds towards actually settling into my not-so-new apartment. I'll spare you the details about my run, other than saying I've identified two local trails that I will be running and "rating" this weekend. My adventures into Duvets, Decor and DOH(!) were truly the highlight (and low point) of my evening, thus no details can be spared.

One of the biggest challenges a mover can face is figuring out how all of your stuff in Place A will fit into Place B. Luckily for me, my living room was a sinch. Though bigger than the space in Apartment A, I was able to create a dining nook to fill up the extra square feet. For those of you who have one bedroom apartments, or who just aren't working with a lot of space, you folks fully appreciate my struggle to make two "rooms" in one space. It's not an art, but it's pretty close!

Living Room/Dining Room: Check!

Onto the kitchen. Sigh, the kitchen. I go back and forth almost daily over whether or not I should spend time decorating this space that I seldom spend time (or cook) in. After yesterday, however, I landed on an emphatic YES! Browsing HomeGoods and Pinterest I found a plethora of little extras that can spice up even the smallest and most unused kitchen. My favorites? Colorful ingredient jars, framed paintings showing different silverware, and decorative plates to put on display. For now, my flower painting and matching area rug will do, but this could change soon as long as I still have the decorating itch.

Kitchen: Under Construction

And now for my bedroom, which was the big winner last night. Another issue with moving is the change in color scheme. In Place A, my bedroom consisted of hardwood floors and deep beige walls, so I went with a white-dominant color scheme to contrast. Fast forward to Place B where the carpets are off white and the walls are all white (to be frank, it was drab and depressing). So, I demolished the white-on-white-on-white with an infusion of blues, yellow and green. Add in some vintage wire-based art pieces and we're talking about a completely different, and much warmer space. Still in the market for some new throw pillows and an accent rug, but all in good time. Another big win was FINALLY hanging my mirror - seriously, this thing way a member of Place A and Place B and has never been hung. Enter the DOH(!) of the evening when I found that it is still possible to injure yourself no matter how gently you're hitting the nail. Oh well - no pain, no gain!

Bedroom: A combination of Check and Under Construction!

Antsy for pictures? Gladly! I'll be showing some of the highlights, so check back later!


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