Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Season - The Snaustin Edition

There is little in life that is more anticipated, or enjoyed than the wedding of a good friend. This edition of Wedding Season found me in Cincinnati this past weekend enjoying the Snaustin nuptuals. When your names are already conjoined like Brangelina or Bennifer, who needs a wedding? But they decided to make it official and I was happy to make the trek to Cinci to celebrate their special day!

The most impressive part was, by far, the fact that they both shipped off to San Francisco in April, but still managed to plan a fabulous wedding from afar - A++ to the couple and their families for pulling it off. Below are some highlights from the festivities.

The beautiful program - my first Hindu Wedding Ceremony experience was top-notch

The happy couple!

Honestly, who wouldn't want to sit at Harry Potter-themed tables? (I'm a bit HPO - Harry Potter Obsessed - so this really got me)

The past and present Northlichers in attendance.. Oh, how I've missed them

All in all, a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful person marrying the love of her life - does it get any better? Well, get the right people a drink and put them on the dance floor and it certainly adds to the excitement!

Lucky for me, I had the privledge of double-dipping while I was in Cincinnati - not only did I enjoy a fabulous wedding, but I got to spend some quality time with one of my very best friends.. we will call her LW. I won't get into the nitty gritty, but much fun was had by all and I befriended a City of Cincinnati Bomb Technician.. I'm not kidding.

Told ya so

Bad-quality bar picture anyone?

Now back to the real world - who doesn't love a good Monday?


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