Monday, August 20, 2012

Busying Up a Quiet Weekend

Happy Monday, Blogosphere! While I'm relatively sure that all of you are just as tired as I am this morning, I might as well try to be cheery to get me through the day.

Well, my quiet weekend of doing nothing quickly turned on me, but in the best possible way. On Saturday, I attended a picnic at the beautiful Schenley Park located near the heart of the University of Pittsburgh Campus. Fully expecting your typical rundown fields and a few picnic tables, I was completely impressed with the gardens, running trails, playgrounds and sheer volume of people that were out and about on what turned into a glorious 75-and-sunny Saturday. Throw in the great food and company, and it was a a great start to the weekend.

Sundays are good for doing everything you put off doing on Saturday. But, on this particular day of rest I did just that - rest. Finally meandering out of the house well after noon, AC and I headed over to the South Side to grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping.

After a totally satisfying lunch at Carson Street Deli (see Eats and Treats Page for more deets), we wandered over to SouthSide Works for a mini shopping spree. After a solid two hours meandering around - and swiping the credit card a time or two - I walked away with some great new editions to my wardrobe, and my apartment, along with some much-needed girl talk. While I would recommend heading to the Mall at Robinson, or Ross Park Mall for your more traditional shopping, The Works is great for a beautiful day when you'd rather spend time outside doing some light shopping in the fresh air (though BCBG presents the opportunity for some SERIOUS shopping), than bouncing store to store.

Loved this blouse at H&M so much that I got two! Love the fit and classic cut.

While I struck out in the clothing department, I'm in love with the two matching picture frames I found at Urban Outfitters. Even better - these cute room accents were only $10 each!

That's all for now, preparing for another running update tomorrow!


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